Training: Good Laboratory Practice

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One day course.

In Australia there is a Standard AS 2830 - Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). This Standard sets out the requirements for technical competence and proper management of chemical analysis laboratories. The standard covers a variety of topics:
- Laboratory Organisation;
- Personnel;
- Safety Assurance;
- Laboratory Facility;
- Testing and Measuring Equipment;
- Apparatus and Reagents;
- Test Methods and Procedures;
- Calibration;
- Samples and Test Data Storage; and,
- Inspection and Assessment.
The Standard is designed to ensure that all data generated in a laboratory is technically sound and of the highest quality. Each section is important, but the production of quality results by a facility depends upon the implementation of 'good practice' in all laboratory procedures.
Utilisation of this standard assures the client that the laboratory is competent. Once implemented, the laboratory must audit and assess its processes and systems to ensure that it continues to meet the clients requirements. Failure to do so tends to cause the facility to 'fall behind' and lose the competitive edge that such a system is designed to produce.

Course Outline:
Laboratory Organisation.
Quality Assurance System.
Laboratory Facilities.
Testing and Measurement Equipment.
Apparatus and Reagents.
Test Methods and Procedures.
Calibration of Test Data Storage.
Test Reports.
Inspection and Assessment.

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