Our Mission

To become the Recruitment, Consulting and Training Service Provider of choice through services that offer value, quality and satisfaction for all clients. To reward achievements, develop individuals, be open to ideas and adaptive to change. To continue sustainable growth and expansion within Australia and overseas.

ChemSkill's mission, values and beliefs are incorporated in its name:

C - Commitment: ChemSkill is committed to providing its clients with excellent service and value for their money.
H - Honesty: Conducting all transactions and duties in an honest, courteous and trustworthy manner.
E - Efficiency and Enthusiasm: An important and critical factor for successful business relationships.
M - Modesty: Being able to accept criticism or advice and seeing it as a means and opportunity to improve our attitude, service and/or our working environment.
S - Satisfaction: Commitment to recognising that every person's contribution makes a difference toward achieving the Company's goals and values. Recognition generates satisfaction.
K - Knowledge: The key to providing good service, innovative solutions and leadership within our Industry.
I - Integrity. ChemSkill commits to accomplishing it's mission in a manner that develops and maintains our reputation for excellent service and integrity within our Industry.
L - Lawful: ChemSkill commits to conducting all it's business transactions according to the law as dictated by local, state and federal authorities.
L - Leadership: Commitment to expand our role as leaders in the areas of Recruitment, Consulting and Training in the Scientific Industry.

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