Human Resource Solutions: Outplacement Services And Exit Interviews

Outplacement is the counselling, support, guidance and training provided to employees faced with redundancy or career change. These services facilitate the person's transition into employment with another organisation through the provision of various support programs.

The trauma associated with job loss or career change is a very serious one and requires special treatment and management. Having to tell people that their positions will cease to exist is very difficult. Redundancy causes most people stress and anxiety so it is important that you are able to offer a careers and outplacement service to help exiting staff and to instil a positive and caring corporate image.

ChemSkill's Consultants have experience in career transition at all levels and hence are able to assist professional and technical staff in an efficient and non-intrusive manner. Our Consultants work closely with Clients to target and customise services to meet their unique and specific needs, goals and career requirements.

ChemSkill's Outplacement Candidates obtain many benefits by participating in our programs. Benefits include the broadening of their focus and an increase in personal self-awareness, confidence and self-respect through self-analysis. They learn self-organisation, self-management of their career and how to re-evaluate life skills gained. They also obtain assistance in learning how to transfer these skills to new employment.

Employers can choose outplacement packages or target and customise services to suit requirements. Group or individual outplacement counselling options are also available.

Some of the services our outplacement clients can choose from include:

If the mentioned services do not meet your individual requirements ChemSkill is able to customise a program upon consultation. The length of the services listed above can vary from a half day session to several months based upon the client and candidate's requirements.

As an additional service, ChemSkill can also conduct Exit Interviews on your Company's behalf and provide you with a summary report of the findings. By outsourcing this process, you will receive objective and qualitative information to help you identify, understand and address any employee issues. All interviews are conducted and reported with the utmost confidentiality.

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