Job Seekers: Resume Information

The main objective of your resume is to market yourself to a prospective employer. ChemSkill Consultants will also use the information given in your resume to match your skills to relevant positions. The following is a list of recommended guidelines to assist you in creating or modifying your resume.

Resume Content

Your resume should include your name, address, contact phone numbers, email address, objective, educational qualifications and professional development, technical skills and attributes, work experience or relevant practical work at university, activities and interests.
NOTE: The people who read your resume are interested in whether, based on what they read, you deserve serious consideration as a candidate.

Relevant and Personal Information

Include only relevant information in your resume.

Create a Professional Look

Describe your Previous Positions

Provide adequate but concise details for each role including:

List Your Skills

Provide a list of your capabilities or acquired skills - laboratory skills, instrumentation, supervisory experience, computer skills, familiarity with quality systems.


Unless you are specifically requested to supply referees, you should not supply them. Provide a statement such as "Referees available upon request". You should take a list of referees to the interview with business hour contact numbers. Let your referees know that you are presenting for an interview and provide them with as much information as possible. After the interview, contact each referee to pass on any information that you obtained so that they can tailor their answers to the position requirements.

Use Appropriate Language

Describe your accomplishments but don't simply list adjectives that proclaim how wonderful you are. Be professional and business like. The most effective resumes are written in plain, simple language.

Resume Language

Understand the Position

Read the job description carefully and make a list of:

Find out more about the Company by:

Customise your Application

Modify your resume:

Write a targeted cover letter.

Review Your Application

Proof Read

Are the documents free of typo's?

Sending Resumes by Email

What does your email address say to employers? If you're not sure what kind of message your email address conveys, get feedback from friends and even some employers. If your "real" email address is one that employers may judge negatively, consider getting another, more professional sounding, address through a free email service. Most employers would almost certainly look more favourably on a basic email address using your name, such as, than an address such as After you've been working for a while, your employer may be more likely to appreciate the real you and your quirky personality or offbeat sense of humour. But until then, consider playing it safe if you want to get the job.

Tips For Email Etiquette