Training: Striving For Quality

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One day course.

Since the 1970s a new awareness has been incorporated into the business world. This new principle is quality and this has manifested itself as 'striving for quality'. Companies have spent vast sums of money on quality. Hopefully, for the right reason - to give the customer what they want.
Often in the past, companies gave the consumer what they wanted to give them, not what they were asking for. A modern company with this attitude or culture would not survive today (except by luck or if there are no competitors). The problem with following this outdated principle - and it is still done in developing markets though we would not dream of doing it in our own backyard; is that sooner or later there will be competitors. People hate to see a captive market - governments actually legislate against it. If you have treated your customers shabbily, because there was no competition, you will invariably pay the price when competition arrives. That is, if the competition offers a better service.
The principle of quality is a management practice that is applicable to all organisations including service organisations. What is a laboratory? A service provider. The service it provides is the data or information that it generates by performing analysis on a sample. This applies to the whole spectrum of laboratory types.
In an organisation, quality should now be developed to the extend that it is an integral part of any facility that is serious about improving its productivity and providing better customer satisfaction.
The word quality goes hand-in-hand with management and hence we talk about quality management or Total Quality Management (TQM).

Course Outline:
QC vs QA.
Laboratory Staff.
Laboratory Accommodation and Environment.
Methodology and Analysis.
Development, Selection and Evaluation.
Materials, Media, Reagents.
Limits of Detection.
Errors, Uncertainties, Repeatability, Reproducibility.
Method Validation.
Recording of Results.
Reporting of Results.
Significant Figures.
Checking Procedures.
Reviews/Audits/Corrective Action and Purchasing.

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